Squad Conflicts for Android

- Enter the fray and make every bullet count as you let rip around four awesome arenas of war 
- Choose from four unique Warrior Classes each with particular skills from the Engineer Class that can deploy Turrets, Heavy with their Riot Shields, Snipers with Tactical Visors and Medics with Adrenaline 
- Each Warrior Class has dedicated special weapons including Smart Grenades, Seeker Bombs, Auto Mines and Biotic Emitters 
- Choose from an armoury with enough firepower to take down an entire nation! 
- Equip yourself to go in all machine guns blazing, be more tactical with sniper rifles or pistols or grab a rocket launcher and go for the big kill
- Stalk through the halls of a deserted shopping mall, a Middle Eastern town, a sunlit port or a Japanese village 

Squad Conflicts : Play store

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