Top 5 New Game for Android

Top 5 New Game For Android

Unknown FateYou have no memories of your past, you don’t know how you managed to reach this world and the only thing you can do is go on and try to find the truth.

Unknown Fate is a single-player first person puzzle-adventure with a mysterious story, puzzles to solve and enemies to defeat
Travel in incredible worlds solving the puzzles around you and collecting Richard’s lost memories to uncover the truth about Richard’s journey.

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Tag Team wrestling 2019Did you ever experience the fights of real star wrestler? Your dreams will comes true by playing this top men tag team smack down wrestling 2019 game. First time world most addictive smack down tag team wrestlers fighting game is now available on android play store. Freestyle fighting game lovers will enjoy & find it more interesting wrestling 3d game. Let’s start to play and enjoy the free style fight game in one of the best death cage battle arena. Show your strength as a real wrestler. Win the battle of incredible wrestling match in world fighting tournament. Your role is to play as a tag team wrestler to defeat your opponent by your crushing combos, your free hand fight style. Face using a variety of new tricks such as pins to gain, joint locks, close fighting, throws and take downs. Become international champion of wrestling world after beating all tag team men wrestlers. Cage fighting always been a brutal fighting and wrestler even die in ring while having an extreme fight. 

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Full Metal Monsters : Full Metal Monsters is a mobile game like you've never seen before. Battle metal-plated monster dinos in a post-apocalyptic world! A synchronized 5x5 PvP free-to-play action shooter with different modes! Control beasts on land or in the sky, fully mechanized, augmented or organic: the choice is yours!
Tame and command dozens of blood-thirsty metal hunters ready to destroy anything in their paths to win!

Full Metal Monsters : Click

Fishing Life : We introduce the most beautiful and peaceful game to you who's tired and exhausted from daily life.

Enjoy fishing whales just with a simple control while listening to the sound of waves ASMR at the beautiful sea. 

◎Fishing and Life Story◎
☞ The main character so normal that he could be anyone in anywhere went fishing to the sea of the memories with his dad on a very tiring day.
☞ He only has a shabby boat and a fishing rod, but he enjoys the peaceful fishing at the beautiful sea where the sun sets, shooting stars fall and the sky fades into the lighthouse.

Fishing Life : Click

Minimal EscapeFantasy, fairy tale-like, puzzle adventure game
Simple gameplay with difficult puzzles.
Experience a fairy tale fantasy in a puzzle adventure game.
Minimal Escape is a story about a small fairy in a fantasy world.
Is the dark world you travel simply a little nightmare, or our future to come?
Traverse and purify the polluted world and try to restore its former beauty.

Minimal Escape : Click

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