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Healthy Eating: 1. Basic Nutrition Concepts.

If you ask virtually any dietary-nutritionist, he will tell you that regardless of your training goals, diet is the determining factor in your progress. Food is the fuel to help you reach your goals, and without proper nutrition through quality food, you are likely to be stagnant. Forget milkshakes and supplements until your daily diet is well planned. Your diet should be based on fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, legumes, proteins (don’t forget the veggies) and fats (butter, nuts, salmon … except olive oil).

Food table.
Regardless of what you do, prepare the meal in advance so that you have a greater chance of reaching your goals. It is better to prepare today’s meal the previous day. By this we will ensure that we do not eat or avoid anything.

Eat more
Eating less will lower your performance in the gym and decrease your metabolism (reducing leisure energy consumption). There is no clear criterion if it is good to eat 3 or 6 times a day, but everyone here sells his book, but look for that frequency, which is more convenient for you and eat more nutritious foods and above. Do you still think an anti-milkshake is the best dinner?

Eat with passion.
Forget about eating or sending WhatsApp in front of the TV. If you eat together, in a quiet and talkative environment, you will enjoy more of the food. Disconnect from the daily hysteria, take your time and enjoy the moment!

Basics in building muscles.

If you talk to any personal trainer, they will tell you that there are some basic components of muscle building. First, you may need to increase your intake of whole proteins, although we usually serve them well in the Western diet. At the gym, workout weights two to four times per week, depending on your previous preparation and available time. Never underestimate the importance of retirement. Remember, muscle tissue grows outside the gym, and when you give the body time to relax, let it recover.

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